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Fear Itself – Scripture Reference

In his now-famous 1933 Inauguration speech, FDR said: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." I think Scripture confirms that he was right. God knows that as Christians, we will still struggle with fears. Scripture is full of different variations of "fear not," "be courageous," and "do not be afraid," and digging… Continue reading Fear Itself – Scripture Reference

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hindsight is 2020: 20 reflections from this year

We're nearing the end of this wild and unpredictable year. A lot of us are looking back on 2020 and searching for lessons learned. Since March, when the world seemed to be turned upside down, I've been sorting through my thoughts and impressions - trying to toss my knee-jerk reactions and grab hold of some… Continue reading hindsight is 2020: 20 reflections from this year