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hindsight is 2020: 20 reflections from this year

We're nearing the end of this wild and unpredictable year. A lot of us are looking back on 2020 and searching for lessons learned. Since March, when the world seemed to be turned upside down, I've been sorting through my thoughts and impressions - trying to toss my knee-jerk reactions and grab hold of some… Continue reading hindsight is 2020: 20 reflections from this year


a simple Christmas 3: JOY

Adapted from Advent readings prepared 12/2018 for The HUB Church, Roseville CA December is filled with the excitement of Christmas – decorations are hung, stockings filled, city streets are adorned with twinkling lights, lamp posts wrapped in garland with bows bright red. Christmas is a magical time and there is so much to enjoy in… Continue reading a simple Christmas 3: JOY